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We build a better future together focusing on your success. Pioneers are people with vision, opening up the new future. Ally stands by you along the way of creating change.

What is an Ally?

[noun]an associate who provides cooperation or assistance

Allies are people who offer one another assistance, advice, information, and even friendship. Strong and mutually beneficial alliances can help each party to survive and to thrive, and to get things done more quickly and smoothly than if they were to go it alone.

What We Aim

ally people

"The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed."
- William Gibson

Many companies face difficulties adopting new technology and keeping up with the fast-changing market. Going abroad is the key to successful scale-up, but it can be challenging. The solution is simple - choose the right partner who can help you achieve your goals.

Our goal is to create an environment where you can focus exclusively on building products and reaching out to users.

As new technologies such as AI, blockchain, robotics, and others continue to emerge,
For the tech-savvy leader seeking profitability insights: we bridge the gap, turning your technical prowess into global business triumphs.

We stand beside you, guiding your global ascent.

  • Navigators of Global Growth
  • Tech Visionaries' Compass
  • Profit Pathfinders

Ally literally (facilitator) solves the problems of the two groups on your side and connects them together so that the lives of people around the world who use your products and services can be enriched.

Enriching lives for all,
with no discrimination in access to technology.
That's what Ally is all about
and why we exist for you.

What We Do

  • monitoring

    Business Development Accelerate your business sustainably We provide solutions for companies to achieve stable growth in the medium and long term from a systematic financial perspective through our experience in managing large and small businesses in Korea and abroad.

  • travel_explore

    Global Strategy Go Global with our customized strategy for you If you have the right technology, you don't have to worry about going global. With experience in 43 countries and a global network, we can help you realize your potential. We provide practical support such as country-specific entry strategies, English/German/French IR and website, and conference participation to help you achieve your goals.

  • difference

    Content Engage, Inform, and Inspire Through our value-driven narratives, we captivate audiences, delivering insights into the global tech landscape and market trends. Our video content, featuring interviews from conferences and exhibitions, serves as a platform for companies to market their innovations while providing viewers with firsthand knowledge of the latest technologies and products. By also highlighting stories from related support institutions, we ensure a holistic understanding that benefits all stakeholders.

  • biotech

    Research Academic Approach to Business Solutions The research arm at Ally stands distinct, supplying academic knowledge tailored to solve genuine business challenges. We bridge the gap between theoretical understanding and practical business needs, delivering effective solutions and profound insights. Through our meticulous research methodologies, we uncover the pivotal data that influences decision-making. Our extensive studies not only offer actionable insights but also equip businesses with the knowledge to move forward confidently and informedly.

  • forum

    Community Empowering a Diverse and Inclusive Tomorrow We foster communities that nurture collaboration and mutual growth. We believe in building bridges that foster diversity, and inclusion. Through workshops, forums, and seminars, we promote an environment that celebrates differences and encourages collaboration across various ethnicities. Leading the way in practicing ESG management, we strive to make a positive impact and contribute to a sustainable future. Everyone has the opportunity to thrive in their respective fields.

  • developer_mode

    IT Solutions Tailoring User Experiences Leveraging professional tools like Figma and Adobe XD, our UI/UX experts enhance your product's design and user experience. We align designers, developers, and planners for smooth collaboration, ensuring tailored results. During MVP development, we prioritize maintainable front-end products and provide necessary back-end API documentation for future customer management.

Who We Are

Ara Goh  ⓘ

We are your Ally, helping you to thrive! 🙌

We believe every company has a potential to ethically scale-up their business while taking care of their employees growth, leading to better service for global customers.

Certified by numerous CEOs, Ally provides the most productive business strategy with proven records of creating excellent conditions for our partners.


  • Yongrin Yoo  ⓘ
    Advisor / Mobility & Coaching
  • Jaebum Kim  ⓘ
    Advisor / Global Strategy
  • Yonghoon Leon KIM  ⓘ
    Advisor / IT & Sales
  • Sofia Jeong  ⓘ
    Advisor / Law
  • Dr. Pil Hwa Yoo  ⓘ
    Advisor / Business

Ally Organization

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Our Clients

  • Through sincere mentoring based on Ally's experience, we were able to improve many aspects of the lack of management that early technology startups found difficult.

    Seung-Oh Son(EX, COO)
  • We have Ally from A to Z to enter the overseas market, so we are preparing step by step. With multinational local experience, the countermeasure strategies presented according to each country's culture and customer characteristics are very professional, so it is reassuring as if the strategy office of a large corporation is located in our company.

    Yunkyung Cho (Mentor ALGO, CEO)
  • As an IT expert, dealing with strategy and consulting with Ally's business helps us to align our long-term plan

    James Satya (Mindchain AI, CEO)
  • While I was vague, I was able to pivot business items and business models through Ally consulting, and even establish a business promotion plan.

    Soobin Park(WEMAIN, CEO)
  • In the post-COVID-19 era, there were difficulties in marketing in a rapidly changing market, but we were able to determine the direction by collaborating with Ally.

    Kwangsik Kang (PEP, CEO)
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Let's work together

In these turbulent times you need someone to stand by you on your road to making a change, building a new future. Ally will be with you every step of the way.